This is an illustration of: the distraught that accompanies numerous attempts to express the deepest parts of oneself to no avail, the feeling that it's not even worth it anymore, the feeling that you might as well go back inside. I mean, Nevermind...

First Drøp <3!!

I wanted to take time to thank everybody for all the love you showed on my first drop. I've been holding all my ideas inside my brain where they're safe so to get so much support for my first release really meant the world to me. If I'm honest I'm still holding a lot in but now maybe more and more of those ideas will get to see the light of day. Stank you very much.

  • Next Release

    About 2 weeks from now.

  • Goodbye

    to the site as you know it or knew it as it will be closing down soon. I don't know if anything available until then will return in the future.